The Luminary

Bad Egg

After carefully looking at each menu for this year’s Inman Park Restaurant Week, The Luminary definitely had the winning menu. The Luminary is a new French restaurant located in Krog Street Market that always looked intriguing to me, but I had heard mixed reviews. Their restaurant week menu is what swayed me to try it out – three courses for $25 including mussels?? Yes please. But, The Luminary did not make my list of restaurant obsessions though. Here’s why –


  • LOVE the interior. The lighting over the bar is really neat, and everything is decorated in white and gold.
  • They give you postcards with the check. I am collecting these for some sort of project. TBD.
  • The Coq Au Vin was delicious. The meat fell off the bone, and it was served with a butternut squash puree and pearl onions (my fav). Definitely the dish to order.
  • It is located in Krog Street Market so it is a great location for a date night.


Coq Au Vin





  • The wine list. I love wine, but I am perfectly happy with a $40 bottle when I am at a nice restaurant. There was only a couple of wines in that price point, and I ended up ordering a Riesling (which I never drink).
  • There is no way our waitress actually like what she suggested. She suggested the fried peppers as an appetizer and they had no flavor and were served with a glorified ranch dressing.
  • If a restaurant serves mussels, I will order them. The Luminary’s mussels had a little broth that was more like a thicker sauce. So this took away my favorite part of mussels, which is dipping delicious French bread into the leftover broth obviously.
  • The space is small so you are literally inches from the table next to you. We might as well have been eating dinner with the couple next to us.


Steak Frites


Overall, Atlanta has way too many great restaurants, so I do not recommend spending your time at the Luminary, as much as I love to support Krog Street Market. If you love French food and fancy wine, maybe it will be your thing.

On to the next one.



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