The Optimist


Everything Ford Fry touches (the chef) I fall in love with. Honestly, I might be in love with him his food is so good. He opened eight restaurants in Atlanta including Superica, JCT Kitchen and St. Celia just to name a few. The Optimist is true to his character, and the best sea food I have had in Atlanta. Also, the bar is happening. I have been telling my boyfriend that we just need to hang at the bar and eat mussels on the weekends. There is an oyster bar separate from the main dining area and put-put outside while you wait. The cons are few and far between, and my pros are mostly all the most delicious food for this one.

Shrimp a la Plancha





  • The Georgia Shrimp a la Plancha appetizer is amazing.
  • The Thai Mussels are my favorite mussels in Atlanta thus far. If they are on the menu, these are a must order!!
  • Side items are for sharing (my favorite activity) so order a few for the table.
  • The service is on point.
  • The desserts are everything. I could eat the banana cake or rocky road bread pudding as my dinner.


  • The few cocktails that I have had are mediocre, and they are not strong which is a real bummer. I usually go with wine – more bang for your buck.
  • Usually the swordfish is their go-to recommendation, but the second time I had it is was very dry. I had a lot of food envy that night.
  • Just know that you are going to spend a few dollars here. I would not recommend it for a casual, week night dinner.


Also, be on the look out for the sister restaurant, Beetlecat, in Inman Park!

Keep ’em coming Ford Fry.



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