Star Provisions

Perf PoachedIf I could eat here for lunch every day, I would. Star Provisions is the most adorable sandwich shop that also includes a bakery, coffee shop and a kitchen boutique. The chef, Anne Quatrano, is also the creator of Atlanta favorites like Bacchanalia and the new Dub’s Fish Camp in PCM. I had to give Star Provisions a perfectly poached because I honestly cannot think of a single thing I do not like about this restaurant. It’s all pros here:

Korean BBQ Sandwich and Tomato Soup


  • The Korean BBQ sandwich is one of the best things I have eaten in this life.
  • They serve their homemade lemonade in a mason jars.
  • There is a coffee shop that serves Batdorf and Bronson coffee separate from the restaurant.
  • The indoor seating is located within a kitchen boutique with lots of cute dining sets and knick knacks so you can shop while you wait on your food.
  • There is conveniently a million baked goods right as you are checking out. If you aren’t feeling their baked goods, Jenny’s is right next door.
  • The Pastrami Reuben is on Eater’s Ten Must-Try Sandwiches before you die!


How could you not want to eat that right now?? ^^^^

Dub’s Fish Camp is going to be my next stop for sure!




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