If you have an anniversary, birthday or parents coming in town GO TO UMI. It is worth the trek to Buckhead I promise. I grew up with a sushi place down the street from me (Mori House if you ever find yourself in Suwanee, GA) and I swore they had the best sushi, but Umi made me second guess that. Really just this one incredible salmon nigiri that is in the top three most delicious things I have ever tasted. Next time I go, I will probably just order 5 of those.

Sake Aioli AKA Best Sushi Ever


  • The salmon nigiri is called Sake Aioli. If you read this blog and do not order it, I have failed. The salmon just melts in your mouth and it is topped with a little bit of garlic aioli and caviar. Who knew those three things would be together on a piece of sushi, but it works wonderfully.
  • Other two favorites: Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice and the Lobster Box Roll. The Lobster Box Roll sounds basic, but trust me it is worth all $26. It is like a heavenly cloud of lobster and spicy mayo in your mouth.
  • Everything is so fresh. I would recommend ordering lots of different rolls.
  • The restaurant is very swanky and upscale so it is great for special occasions.
  • The toilet is a robot. Not sure if that can be considered a restaurant pro or maybe you are not into that, but it is pretty cool.
Hurricane Roll


  • $$$$$. You cannot spend under $100 on food alone here. The good stuff is expensive so go when you are willing to spend money.
  • I asked the waitress what her favorite things were and she literally listed the most expensive roll, appetizer and piece of nigiri. She was definitely just trying to up-sell us and I was really just curious what her favorites were. Maybe she just had expensive taste.
  • The drinks were meh. I feel like I say that about a lot of restaurants. On the lookout for a restaurant with good food and cocktails that’s not Tacos and Tequilas.
  • You have to make a dinner reservation weeks in advance to eat dinner at a normal hour.
Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice

I really really liked Umi. The food is delicious, but it is not a restaurant a will frequent very often. When I do go, I am ordering Sake Aioli and Lobster Box Rolls every time.

Here’s the menu if you want to check it out: Umi Menu

On to the next one,





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