El Super Pan

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More restaurants are opening at Ponce City Market! El Super Pan used to have a location in Inman Park and is now reopened at PCM. The chef, Hector Santiago, is known for his pork buns and they do not disappoint. If you frequent Big Sky Buckhead you may recognize his pork buns because he also did the menu there. They are the bomb.com. Here are the pros and cons:

super pan2



  • Hector Santiago was actually in the kitchen making my cubano sandwich!
  • It was the best meal I have had so far at PCM. I have not tried them all though.


  • The Cuban sandwich was a let down. I had high hopes since it was a Latin restaurant. It honestly had too much meat on it. Is that a thing? I had to take some off because it was just too much. If you want a Cuban food, I would just hit up Papi’s.
  • $12-$14 sandwiches (except for pork buns!!!). This is expected in PCM though.
  • It is not a real restaurant like some of the other shops in PCM. There are a handful of bar seats, but the other seats are just outside the restaurant so it does not really feel like you are eating there.
  • They market themselves as a restaurant and bar, but there is not much bar space. Definitely not a place you can go sit down with a bunch of friends and have drinks.
super pan3
Yuca Fries and Pork Belly Bun


Super Pan is just not that super overall. I will say, it is worth going to yet the steamed pork belly bun and a side of Yuca fries. These were really good, but the vibe is just kinda meh especially since they advertise themselves as a restaurant and bar. I would recommend going with minimal people and sitting at the bar if you can!

On the next one (at PCM),



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