Urban Cannibals

Perf Poached

My FAVORITE sandwich shop’s new location is walking distance from my apartment. This place is literally a hidden gem on a residential street in Midtown, and used to be located right in the middle of East Atlanta. Check out all the cool new stuff the owners have going on for new locations around ATL! I cannot wait to try Madre + Mason (because tacos of course).

Turkey Club


Pros on pros on pros:

  • I feel like a true Atlien going to this spot because you would never find it unless you were looking for it!!
  • The sandwiches are all so delicious! The Georgian (soon to be back on the menu) and the Turkey Club are my favorites.
  • It is truly a classic deli. There are not a lot of frills and you just get your sandwich and a side of chips. Nothing fancy or over the top, yet it is perfect.
  • They now have a brunch menu! This is new to the Midtown location and I overheard that the breakfast burrito is the best.
  • The chef/owner, Calavino Donati, came out to personally ask us if we liked our food  and was asking us what sandwiches from the old menu we would like to come back. She is so cool, and I love supporting her restaurant.
  • They use a lot of local ingredients.


  • Too hard.
  • Okay I have one, they can be a little slow. I think this is just part of their charm! It is a nice change of pace. Does that even count as a con?
Urban Reuben


So basically you need to go to Urban Cannibals ASAP. I am not sure if me being within walking distance is good or bad for me…

On to Madre + Mason,



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