If you do not know this about me already, I am obsessed with bartaco. A lot of people would disagree with me, but the trick with bartaco is knowing what to order. I have frequented this restaurant A LOT and if you order right, this place will be your new favorite too.

Large Guac


What to order at bartaco:

  • Grilled corn – ask for it off the cob! I am not even a huge corn fan, but this corn converted me. It has lime juice, cayenne and cotija cheese all over it so it is hard not to like!
  • Plantains – These are served with some secret cilantro/garlic aioli that I wish I could get in a to-go cup and put on everything I eat.
  • Pork Belly Taco, Baja Fish Taco, SESAME RIBEYE TACO and Fried Oyster Taco.
  • Sesame Ribeye rice bowl – I usually order this when I want something a little healthier. It is pretty plain with brown rice and veggies, BUT the trick it to get a side of the plantain dipping sauce with it! I guess that cancels out the healthy party though…worth it.
  • Spiced chocolate pudding for dessert because why not?

I have very strong feelings about all of these menu items. I never stray from this order and I am NEVER disappointed.

Non-food Pros:

  • Tapas style restaurant so it is fun with a group of people who like to share.
  • Great service! I have always had super friendly and attentive waiters.
  • They have garage-like doors for walls so if it is nice outside they will open them all up and it feels like the whole restaurant is outside.
  • You can order take out!
  • If there is a wait, you can call ahead 30 minutes in advance and put your name on the list.
  • The tacos are really small, which I like because I can try lots of different ones.
Sesame Ribeye Rice Bowl



  • Small cocktails – the cocktails are delicious, but they have a lot of ice and not a lot of booze (besides the margs).
  • Margarita Carafe – This thing is wayyyy overpriced. $48 for a fancy pitcher of margs?? No thank you. It is basically no different than just ordering 5 margaritas. I think this is the thing that annoys me about bartaco the most. I wish Pure Taqueria across the street could deliver me a pitcher of margs while I eat my bartaco tacos. WARNING – I do not recommend eating at Pure Taqueria, only drinking!!
  • Outside seating – some of the outside tables are really low and have little stools. If you want to sit outside and those are the only tables open, you will be really  uncomfortable throughout your entire meal.
  • Other tacos not on my list – I have had a few tacos that have been pretty disappointing (duck and wild boar specifically). Like I said though, the trick is knowing what to order!
The Port Chester


As much as I want to give bartaco a perfectly poached, I think I could only do so if their menu was limited to my favorites and the margaritas were cheaper. Regardless, I still have all the feelings for this restaurant.

On to the next taco place,





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