We Suki Suki


We Suki Suki means “We Love Love” in Vietnamese. Appropriate name because you will love love the restaurant, the food and the adorable owner. The owner, Q, told me she wanted to live above her restaurant and build a firemen’s pole from her apartment to the kitchen so she would never have to leave.

This place might as well be on Buford Highway, but instead it is right in the middle of East Atlanta which is  a much easier commute for good asian food. I have never had better bahn mi than at We Suki Suki. It is unreal, and I love supporting such a small, local restaurant.



  • The Bahn Mi. Really I would not order anything else. This place is known for it’s Bahn Mi.
  • The owner, Q. She really does make eating at the restaurant a unique and authentic experience.
  • It is in Atlanta, and you do not have to go all the way to Buford Highway to get good Bahn Mi.




  • It is more expensive than comparable places on Buford Highway ($9 v. $5 for Bahn Mi). However, the few extra bucks are worth the convenience.
  • The pho is good, but not the best. The lemongrass chicken in the pho was awesome, but the broth and toppings were just okay.


I will definitely go back here whenever I want some Bahn Mi, or to feel like I am cool enough to hang out in East Atlanta.

Delicious [pho] sure,




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