Who doesn’t love a great pizza and beer joint?? I know my friends and I sure do, and you really cannot beat Ammazza. Ammazza is located right in Edgewood and is a true authentic pizza joint. They have a great selection of draft beer and a fantastic slice of pizza, Neapolitan style. This is my go to spot for a casual, fun night!



  • Casual for sure. You can go in a t-shirt or turn it into a fun date night
  • Beer list – they always have unique and local craft beers on draft.
  • Great and quick service! You order at the front when you walk in and then your pizza is at your table within 10 minutes and your salad is their immediately!
  • The price is so right.
  • If you’re one of those people who orders a salad wherever you go, their salads are delicious! Especially the basil salad that has artichokes and feta and creamy balsamic. I usually get this with a pizza as well of course.
  • You can’t beat the pizza – super similar style to Antico and Varuni Napoli. The Ammazzare is my favorite one!
  • I love the vibe at Ammazza. They have a really great bar in the back of the restaurant and community tables, and there are always lots of people, but it is easy to get a table even on a Friday!
Ammazzare Pizza





  • They don’t have parmesan on the table? Does not really matter to me, but I know for some it’s not ideal.
  • It is basically self serve after you order your food. You have to get your own water and plates, but I think it is part of their charm! You do not really have a waiter so you have to be proactive to get another beer.


Insalata di Basil



Love this restaurant! I highly highly recommend it for pizza! It is a great date night if you aren’t trying to wear heels or break the bank, and it is great for a night of with your friends too. So versatile.

Give me all the pizza,



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