Le Fat

le fat1


Bad Egg

Le Fat is the most appealing restaurant name isn’t it?? I was hoping that the food would surpass it’s name, but unfortunately it did not. I was super excited about a trendy Vietnamese restaurant in West Midtown, but I think I will stick to Buford Highway for Vietnamese food.

le fat2


  • Super cute interior. The space is really great and it is right in the middle of all the West Midtown restaurants.
  • The clay pot chicken was the best thing we tried, and it was enough to take leftovers home! It was really seasoned chicken served in a clay pot (obviously) and the rice was crispy on the bottom. If you go, I would recommend ordering this (and this only).

le fat5


  • Our service was terrible. Our waitress barely acknowledged us and did not even say thank you when she dropped our checks, nor did she refill out water.
  • Only 1 out of the 5 things we ordered was actually good. The curry, mussels, papaya salad and crab steamed buns were all just okay. Nothing was really impressive.
  • The food was way overpriced for what you got. I cannot justify spending that much money on chicken curry when I could go to Buford Highway and spend half the price for food that is 4x as good.

le fat4


I will not being going back to Le Fat unfortunately so hopefully I will save you the trip!

On to the next one (TG),



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