BeetleCat has all my love even though the name kinda made me cringe at first, but no worries it has nothing to do with the cuisine! Just the name for a boat. Ford Fry does not disappoint once again. I think I prefer BeetleCat over its sister restaurant, The Optimist, because I love to share. BeetleCat is more of a small plates/tapas style restaurant, and I am always trying to try all the things on the menu. So go here with sharers and seafood lovers only!

Tuna Crudo and Kamikaze


  • Fabulous service. Our waiter told us all about the menu, and he food was so fast!
  • The interior is very fun and nautical. I feel like I could go to BeetleCat in a sweatshirt or wear a dress for a date night. It really is the prefect combination of casual and upscale if that is a thing.
  • Like I said – tapas style dishes. My fav.
  • Order the Tuna Crudo (its raw) and the Octopus dip!! Both out of this world and so flavorful! Also, want to give a shout out to the Thai Shrimp.
  • The drinks are upscale versions of shots I order at Dark Horse. They have a fancy Kamikaze which I can appreciate.
  • I may be the only foodie who does not love oysters, but if you are an oyster lover they have 12 different kinds of oysters you can choose from and an oyster bar downstairs called ‘The Den.”
  • We ordered two desserts, obviously, and they were amazing!! All the desserts on their menu had unique flavors like honey black pepper ice cream and lemongrass cheesecake and they did not disappoint.
Octopus dip and Hamachi


  • There is no valet parking as far as I can tell. There is a huge parking deck that is pretty cheap behind the restaurant, but the parking situation is not very obvious.
  • There were a couple dishes we ordered that were kinda bland. I love this place, but I really have to be obsessed with every dish to give it a “perfectly poached.” I would say avoid the Hamachi and the Tostones. They were not bad, but they are not at all on the same level as the Tuna Crudo (still dreaming about that).
  • They do not take reservations, which could be a problem on the weekends. We had no issue on a weeknight though.

IMG_2061 IMG_2062


Overall, go experience BeetleCat. It is such a fun, relaxed atmosphere good for any occasion. The food is also on point. No surprise there considering my addiction to eating at Ford Fry restaurants.

On to the next one,




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