Two Urban Licks

Egg Scale

I felt pretty conflicted about how to rank Two Urban Licks. I decided to go with uneggciting because it is just a typical “New American” restaurant, and I think there are a lot of restaurants that offer the same style food, but better. However, it is still solid food. I just think there are more exciting restaurants to go to in Atlanta.



  • The space is awesome. It is located right now the beltline and has this huge warehouse feel. They also have a bocce ball court outside on the beltline.
  • The salmon chip are really good! This is my favorite thing I ate there, AND they serve them at brunch and dinner.
  • I was a bigger fan of dinner than I was of brunch. The scallops at dinner were an awesome portion size and served with gouda grits. YUM.
  • They have wine kegs. Yes please.



  • Brunch is a bit overpriced. All the plates about $15 or more, but they are pretty large portions so you could share.
  • The brisket sweet potato hash at brunch was good, but really fatty. The brisket at dinner was also fatty. It tasted good, but it was kinda gross to have to remove all the fat. Bummer.
  • The fried green tomato breakfast sandwich was pretty bland.

If you are excited about the menu, and are looking for a good atmosphere/boozy brunch, definitely go check out Two Urban Licks. I was just not overwhelmed or excited by the food.

On to the next one,



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