Madre + Mason

Bad Egg

This was slightly heart breaking for me because I am such a huge fan of Urban Cannibals, but sadly, Madre + Mason was a little disappointing. The owners/chefs at Urban Cannibals opened a latin-american/southern fusion restaurant over by One Midtown Kitchen. I was so excited to give it a try, but I will not be going back. Such a shame because they even have taco Tuesday, the best day of the week.


  • The jalapeno margarita was the bomb. One, it was served in a huge class. Two, it had legit jalapenos and spicy peppers in it.
  • The chips were made in house and they were really crisp and delicious. I could have eaten them by themselves, but the gouda queso was not too shabby.

Yikes that was all I could come up with for the pros.



  • We had pretty horrible service. I was trying to give our waitress the benefit of the doubt because it seemed like it was her first night, but she did not know what came on the tacos or even drinks to recommend.
  • They do not have a cocktail menu and the waitress only had the margarita to recommend. They also only serve really obscure brands of liquor so I would not have known what to order without a cocktail menu.
  • There was only one of party in the restaurant when I was there. The atmosphere was really disappointing.
  • The tacos all have the exact same toppings – cojita cheese and a slaw. I feel like this does not make the tacos unique. They basically all taste the same just with different meats.


Although Madre + Mason was sup par, don’t worry there is no shortage of good tacos in Atlanta (Taqueria del Sol, Bartaco, Holy Taco)!! Definitely, check out their other restaurant Urban Cannibal though. Really sad to eat a disappointing taco, but it happens.

Going to go eat some Taqueria now,





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