The market downstairs Parish will forever be one of my favorite brunch spots. However, Parish gets two ratings because they also have a more formal sit down restaurant upstairs. I am a huge fan of the downstairs market, but upstairs is such a basic brunch spot (said by the most basic food blogger).

Salmon Benedict

The Market:


  • You order at the coffee bar and then it is community seating
  • They have lots of cookies, brownies and other delicious treats for sale.
  • There is wifi so it is a great place if you need to study or get some work done. There are always people on their laptops.
  • It is much more casual so I do not feel bad rolling out of bed on a Sunday and going to grab some food.
  • It is right off the beltline so when it is nice outside I love to eat at Parish and spend sometime being outdoorsy on the beltline.
  • The menu is smaller, but there is still plenty of great things to choose from.
  • It is cheaper than the menu upstairs.
  • Their home fries are the bomb. Ask for the extra crispy!
  • If you have a large group, it can be hard to get a table since you cannot make a reservation down there.
Bacon Waffle

Upstairs Parish:

Egg Scale

  • Upstairs is a sit down restaurant and a little nicer.
  • The food is really solid, there is just nothing that excited about it. They serve your standard waffles, french toast and eggs benedict.
  • Their sausage, egg and peach jam ciabatta is REAL good, but you can also order it downstairs 🙂
  • A few people at my table ordered poached eggs and they weren’t runny. That is always such a let down for me.
  • I have heard they have good dinner (new american style), but I have not experienced that yet.
  • There was no wait for 5 people on a Saturday!
Peach and Sausage Ciabatta

I highly recommend checking out the market downstairs Parish. It is my go to place when my friends and I want good brunch that is fast and easy! If you are not trying to wait an hour for brunch, but want something a little bit nicer, do not count our upstairs Parish either. It is not my favorite, but still makes solid eggs and potatoes.

Team brunch forever,



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