Perf Poached


Birthday dinner at Serpas FTW. This was one of those dinners where I freaked about how good everything was after every dish I tasted. NOTHING was disappointing. If you love new American style restaurants, here is your winner. Such a great crowd please because it has something for everyone – scallops, fish, pork, vegetarian dishes, steak…so many options. Here’s why this place is my new fav:

Salmon Chips


  • Their cocktails actually have alcohol in them!! I always get bummed when I drink fancy cocktails and do not even get a buzz especially because most restaurant cocktails cost $12 or something absurd. The lavender vodka drink was delicious.
  • If you get one thing at this restaurant, order the salmon chips. Smoked salmon with chipotle cream cheese on house made chips?? Yes please. You cannot beat them. They are the same salmon chips they serve at Two Urban Licks, but I swear they are better. The Serpas chef used to be the chef at Two Urban Licks so he brought the salmon chips with him.
  • The appetizers are all amazing. Next time I go, I am going to go for appetizers and cocktails only so I can try more things. Other favorite appetizer was the tuna tartar…also served with house made chips.
  • Everyone at our table got a different entree so I tried all the things. The pork chop with bok choy was my favorite one! But they were all SO good. You cannot order wrong on this menu.
  • The space is really cool. The restaurant is huge and open, which means there are always lots of reservations available.
  • Service was on point. Always the cherry on top for me.


  • Only sad thing for me was the mussels. I love mussels so I might be extra picky. The flavor was good and they served it with really delicious bread, but some of the mussels were really fishy tasting. This was the only disappointing thing of the night.

Only one con gets Serpas a perfectly poached. The best dinner I have had in a while! Great spot for any occasion honestly. I cannot wait to go soon for brunch!

Vegetarian Ravioli

On to the next one,



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