MF Sushi


I’ve been on a major sushi kick lately and decided to give MF sushi in Inman Park a try. MF actually had two restaurants in Atlanta that closed a few years back, but the chefs decided to make a comeback and reopen in Inman Park. I was a little worried because Creative Loafing did not give it the best reviews, but it was so so solid! It is located right in the heart of Inman Park where all the new restaurants are popping up like Bartaco and Beetlecat. The vibe is upscale casual – you could go in a t-shirt, but the sushi is fancy for sure. Here are my thoughts.


  • They have really interesting pieces of nigiri (similar to Umi) such as fatty tuna with caviar and jalapenos that melts in your mouthhhh. Nigiri prices were pretty reasonable too.
  • Casual vibes with really great sushi. You can definitely make a nice date night out of it, but no one is going to judge you for your shorts.
  • They put sriracha on most of their sushi rolls including the Spicy Tuna Roll (YUM), which I am super into.
  • Not as important, but the Sushi chefs were drinking bud lights behind the sushi bar and their chandeliers were cool.
  • Located right off North Highland in Inman Park next to lots of fun bars and restaurants so perfect if you are trying to extend dinner into drinks.
  • I feel like when I go to nice sushi restaurants, the sushi rolls have really small pieces of sushi. Not the case here. They are that perfect awkward size where you feel like it is too big to eat in one bite, but you do it anyway.
  • If you are into nigiri or sashimi they have a very extensive list.
  • I keep comparing this to Umi, but it is way less of an event than Umi. You don’t have to worry about being fancy and making a reservation weeks in advance, but you still get really quality sushi.IMG_2896


  • The sushi rolls are pretty pricy. They started at $17 and some of them were even $25, which is comparable to Umi prices. Do  not get me wrong, the sushi was delicious, but this is not a casual price for a place you could wear a t-shirt to.
  • They don’t have much of a patio (really into patios) and the interior is pretty small too so you most likely will need a reservation.IMG_2897

The main con here is that I was hoping for a more casual sushi restaurant, but I ended up with prices not much less than Umi’s with a casual vibe. The sushi rolls were some of the best rolls I have had in a while though. Definitely give it a try!! Plus it is my fav neighborhood these days.

More sushi coming soon to the blog…




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