Fox Brothers

Perf Poached

If you search any Thrillist or Eater list of top restaurants to eat at in Atlanta, Fox Brothers always makes that list and for good reason. Their BBQ is the BOMB. I discovered Fox Brothers and their annual event with Taqueria del Sol called Foxeria del Sol…can you think of any two more prefect restaurants to host a food event?? Definitely not. I ate so much of their food it was alarming, but so worth it! I will keep this one short and sweet:

Jalapeno Corn Bread and Fried Pickles




  • Fox-I-Roni. This is mac-n-cheese topped with Brunswick stew. If this is not ordered as a side every time you go, you are doing it wrong.
  • Frito pie. Literally a bag of Fritos topped with BBQ deliciousness and cheese. This is a Fox Bros staple!
  • All of their meats are awesome, but the sliced brisket is probably my favorite.
  • This is a true BBQ joint with paper towels, wet naps and all their own BBQ sauces on the table.
  • If you ever get a chance to go to Foxeria del Sol, do it. It is my favorite foodie event in Atlanta I have gone to so far.



  • There is always a wait, but that just means it is that good! Be prepared to wait for lunch or dinner any night of the week. A lot of times you have to park way down the street from the restaurant too.
  • Their bar is really small so there is not a ton of space to chill with a beer while you wait.

I do not need to brag too much on Fox Brother’s because one quick Google search will show you it really is one of Atlanta’s favorite restaurants. If you love BBQ, you have got to put Fox Brothers at the top of your list!!


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