Feeling conflicted about whether my new favorite sushi spot is going to be O-Ku or MF sushi, but I think I am going to have to go with O-Ku. Partly because I have been complaining that Atlanta needs more rooftops, and O-Ku came through for me here. O-Ku started in Charleston and opened up their second location in West Midtown. It is located right next to the new Barcelona in the back of the cool new iron works building. This area is blowing up right now and I love it. Heres why O-Ku is going to be my new spot:



  • That rooftop though. It is such an awesome rooftop patio with tables and couches and cute lights. You can see all of Midtown and Downtown from it! Very similar to the view at Six Feet Under.
  • They have a limited menu on the rooftop, but it has lots of good stuff on there inlcuding basically everything I ordered – including the Smokey Sake chef’s special (pictured at the top). So good oh man.
  • Super interesting cocktails. I had one with gin and Lemongrass that was real tasty.
  • Affordable specialty Nigiri and reasonably priced sushi rolls. The most expensive roll they have is $18 and they have plenty in the $10-$15 price range.
  • You can dress up and turn it into a fancy date night or you can be more relaxed on their rooftop patio. Great for any occasion!
  • Walking distance to Barcelona, Ormsby’s and Little Trouble if you are trying to have some after dinner drinks. West Midtown is crushing it lately.

PS – You should walk to Vintage Ice cream for dessert!

  • IMG_2900
    Over the Rainbow (front) & Baja California (fav) Rolls


  • The sushi was good, but nothing too special. The pieces of sushi are pretty small too. I would stick with the chef specialties next time.
  • The interior design doesn’t feel trendy, but more old school. I was surprised the décor wasn’t more hip for a brand new restaurant in West Midtown.
  • The crown was a bit older. All the young people were hanging out on the roof.

Overall, I would say MF sushi takes the medal for the sushi/sushi quality, but O-Ku is more affordable, still realllllyyyy solid and they have one of the best rooftops in the game. Next time you are looking for fun and affordable sushi, give the O-Ku rooftop a try!



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