K BBQ Taco


K BBQ Taco was not even on my map last week ,and I am really disappointed in myself. Asian Mexican fusion hole in the wall in downtown Decatur? How has this restaurant been missing from my life for so long. I would not have thought twice about this place without a recommendation by looking at the outside, but never again will I judge a restaurant like that. K BBQ is run by a lady from South Korea who was an organic farmer before opening her restaurant. Not only is it legit Korean food, but it is also organic. The ingredients were fresh and colorful so I felt healthy and my pictures were pretty. Win win situation.



  • Since the majority of my paycheck goes to eating out (no surprise here), I am always down to try a less expensive spot. This place is so cheap for so much food. The Bibimbob Bowl ($8) and the ramen were easily two meals. I should have just ordered the whole menu and skipped the grocery store for a week.
  • Pork belly and kimchi tacos?? Yes please. I should probably just change this into a taco only blog because I think tacos are taking over my life.
  • Delicious and healthy – who knew that was a thing?? My Bibimbop bowl had a ton of organic veggies, egg, chicken and brown rice. It was so much food, but I did not even feel bad about it. Since eating out is my number one hobby, health is a pro for me.
  • This place truly felt like an authentic, family run, korean restaurant. It is a hole in the wall with no frills. It reminded me a lot of the Asian restaurants on Buford Highway.
  • The restaurant is located right on Decatur square. Instead of making the trek to Buford HIghway for authentic asian food, you can now just hit up K BBQ!


  • There is not any seating on the inside so I would recommend getting it to go if you do not want to sit outside.
  • Since this is a no frills kind of place, there is no real service. You just order at the counter and wait on your food to be ready. No big deal, but maybe not a first date place. Or maybe date someone cooler who would be into that.


If you are obsessed with all things tacos or all asian cuisine like me, this is definitely worth a try. I can’t wait to make this a regular spot of mine. Delicious, affordable and healthy?? You can’t beat that. K BBQ giving Buford Highway a run for its money.





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