Hampton + Hudson

Bad Egg

Hampton and Hudson is a new restaurant and bar that opened in Inman Park right by Beetlecat and MF Sushi. It looked super cute and I am a big supporter of most restaurants in Inman Park (except Pure Taqueria – don’t get me started) so I decided to give it a try. I think I went too soon after it opened because they were clearly still working out some kinks. I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt because it was the first week they were open, but unfortunately the food was nothing spectacular.


  • Super interesting menu. They have a whole section on cool shit on toast. Avocados, lox or honey fig jam, yes please.
  • $5 desserts!! All the time, five bucks.
  • Trivia on Tuesday
  • The bar is really cool so it would definitely be a good place to grab a drink and a snack at a decent price in that area of town!
  • We had great service. They were out of things on the menu and did not have their liquor license yet, but they were super accommodating to make up for their lack of beer.



  • Nothing we ate made me want to cry or eat again. Everything was pretty average. I was the most excited about my $5 dessert, but it was pretty underwhelming. I mean I obviously still ate the entire thing though.


Since there are so many great places in that part of Inman Park, I would say skip Hampton and Hudson. Does not have any sort of wow factor and you will never find me there over Barcelona.

Hurrying on to the next one,



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