Perf Poached

I love nothing more than reviewing my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. Barcelona makes my top 3 list hands down (if you are curious the other two are Superica and No 246). Barcelona not only has some of the best food, but it is such an awesome vibe. The bar is always packed out, the service is phenomenal and their patio game is super strong in both locations. Whether it is a Friday night or Sunday afternoon, I love going to Barcelona. The new one on the West side of town is quickly becoming my preferred location too.




  • Go with a large party and pay for the prix fixed menu! I love tapas because I love to try everything, but sometimes it is hard for my friends to decide on which ones to order. You can pay $35 and they pick for you! It was a ton of food too.
  • Wine on wine on wine. They have so many choices and if you like what you have, you can go across the street to VinoTeca and buy a bottle!
  • Endless bread and olive oil AKA the dream.
  • My new favorite thing (only on the Westside) is the ugly cucumbers. They are served with this whipped goat cheese like spread that is TO DIE FOR. When you are done with the cucumbers, there is plenty left over for the bread too.
  • Some of my favorite things on the menu: Hanger steak, mushroom, patatas bravas and crepe for dessert.
  • Solid charcuterie plates. I hate when you pay $20 for a cute of cheese and an olive. They don’t get stingy with their meat and cheese here.
  • If you are into Bloody Mary’s, they have a pretty legit Bloody Mary bar on Sundays. I can’t stand them, but they can’t be so bad loaded up with all the bacon??
  • Service is always phenom.
  • They give you blankets when it is cold so you can still sit on the patio.
  • The list goes on and on honestly, but you get the picture.




  • I get really sad when my favorite restaurants turn into chains because I feel like it makes them less special. BUT the Westside is still the Barcelona I love, and it has new, exciting things on the menu so it does not feel like a chain to me! (You can tell I love a restaurant when I turn a con into a pro.)
  • This one time, I didn’t like the octopus. I might just not like octopus though.



Moral of the story is, go to Barcelona and eat everything and drink all the wine. Great for a date night and great for a night with all your friends. You can even get a pretty view of ATL from their new location.

All the feels for Barcelona.




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