8 Arm

Egg Scale

The most adorable pop up restaurant has moved in across the street from Ponce City Market. The chef’s behind 8 Arm are the same guys that brought you Octopus Bar in EAV and Lusca on Peachtree (no longer exists, but don’t judge by that).This place is perfect for a light breakfast and cup of coffee on the weekends. The space is so cute and the food is delicious. I went for brunch, but they also offer a limited dinner menu.

“No Reward for Serving the Wicked”



  • The bacon was the thickest and most delicious bacon of all time. I needed a side of bacon with the bacon on my English muffin.
  • Very hip and trendy space. I felt like I was in a NYC coffee shop.
  • The brunch is light so you do not feel bad at all after eating it. They also have some healthy menu items like granola and a grain bowl if you aren’t into bacon and carbs.
  • They have lots of delicious cookies and cake, which we obviously ordered at 10 am.
  • It is conveniently located right across from PCM if you are feeling like shopping or walking the beltline after.
English Muffin with Bacon and Pimiento Cheese



  • For the amount of food you get, it is a little overpriced.
  • Everything is a la cart so you get a biscuit without the home fries or grits to go with. Good for my health, but not good after a night at 10 High.
  • You don’t get refills on coffee…not cool.
Apple Pound Cake – Modeled by Tori


I was super in between an eggcellent and a un-eggciting here, but I ended on an un-eggciting. I am super obsessed with the space, but for the price and amount of food it is not going to be my go to spot. If you are looking for a trendy spot in the area that is not PCM and super crowded, then definitely give it a shot! I just need more coffee and more sides in my life.

On to the next one,



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