So my dearest friend on her last night in Atlanta (yeah, you Emma B.) decided that she wanted her last meal to be Takorea. I am not talking about Taqueria del Sol even though that would make more sense, but this korean taco place in Midtown. Also, after going to K BBQ Taco a week prior, there was no way this place was going to live up to that. Yes, Emma left in July and I am very, very behind with my blog.



  • Walking distance from my apartment so that helps no one, but me.
  • Apparently their sesame fries are the move. I missed the memo.
  • My grapefruit margarita was watered down, but I got a little buzz so that’s cool.



  • Queso tasted like plastic or lunchables in a weird way.
  • I didn’t eat the tacos. I will literally eat anything wrapped in a tortilla and I didn’t eat them. The tacos weren’t even photogenic…I tried.
  • Somehow I ended up spending $40 on this stuff and I hate myself.

My advice is to skip this Takorea and go to basically any other Taqueria in Atlanta. Keeping this short and not so sweet.

On to the next one (TG),




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