General Muir




My brunch game has been super strong lately, not going to lie. After a long night of tacky Christmas sweater events (yes, I’m behind) , General Muir cured us all with some latkes and babka. This place has been on my list since I moved to Atlanta, but I just got around to giving it a try. There were so many delicious options on the menu, I was having a struggle picking one. Luckily, my friends love to share as much as I do so I got to try a lot.





  • BAGELS. Atlanta is definitely lacking solid bagel spots, but General Muir does the trick. Lox and all. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Jewish deli though.
  • They make their bread next door at TGM and you can buy bread there or at farmers markets around town. Some solid restaurants like Fred’s, West Egg and Yalla also use their bread. Definitely order the TGM pastry basket to try all the yummy goodies.
  • If you aren’t  feeling a full on brunch – not sure why anyone would ever have that feeling, but just in case…they do have a deli counter for coffee, bagels and sandwiches.
  • One of the most delicious things I have ever eaten is their chocolate babka. If they have it, you have to get it because it is everything.
  • I have not done this yet, but they have spaghetti dinners on Sunday and ramen on Mondays.
  • Really affordable. Lots of options in the $10 range.
  • There is always a wait, but it is usually pretty reasonable (30-45 minutes). If you are needing some immediate revival, there is coffee and pastries you can order while you wait.



  • Weak orange juice to champagne ratio in their mimosas.  That is par for the course for brunch though.
  • It is a pain to get to because it is over in Emory Pointe. Not very convenient if you are just trying to grab a bagel. I don’t like to leave my midtown bubble though so that might be a personal problem.

General Muir has officially landed a spot in my top three brunch spots – the other two are downstairs Parish and Buttermilk Kitchen in case you are wondering. Perfect spot for when you can’t decide between poached eggs and matzoh ball soup!



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