Ramen is quickly becoming the new kale these days. But better because noodles. There are so many ramen spots that have opened in Atlanta recently and Taiyo definitely takes the cake (so far). Taiyo just replaced Makan in Decatur – same owners, they just redid the menu/interior to focus more on ramen. Also, I learned that the owners have a Ramen Fest at Monday Night so not sure why I have missed that for the last three years. Some foodie I am.

Shrimp and Pork Wontons



  • In Decatur right off the square. Awesome spot for a night out in Decatur.
  • The ramen is the bomb.com. It is so much food, but my bowl looked clean by the end of it. Pretended the broth was cereal milk and I feel okay about that.
  • It is definitely trendy ramen. Lots of cool cocktails and very hip on the inside. It is located in the bottom of a hotel, but is definitely not a hotel restaurant don’t worry.
  • For the veggies out there, there are endless vegetarian options (Veggie Ramen in main photo).
  • If you like all things spicy like me, the spice bomb is the perfect addition to the ramen. Any kind of bomb steals my heart though.
  • Reasonably priced for the amount of food and trendiness you get. You could get dinner and a drink for two for about $50.
  • They serve Honeysuckle gelato for dessert. A PCM fav of mine.


Fried Sweet Potato Dumplings


Tonkotsu Ramen and Spice Bomb





  • Weak cocktails, but what’s new. The day I get a buzz from a fancy cocktail, I will alert all of you immediately. Reason number 127 why beer is always the move.
  • It was really dead of a Saturday night, which is always concerning. For a hip spot in Decatur, I wish the vibe was a little more fun and inviting. Unfortunately, it is not a restaurant where you can turn dinner into a pregame.

If you are craving a huge brothy bowl of noodles on a rainy day, definitely give Taiyo a try. The ramen is definitely excellent. Even though the vibe was sub par, there are plenty of awesome spots right around the corner if you need some more excitement in your life. Stay tuned for a Ramen spot everyone should avoid.






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