Cooks & Soldiers

Bad Egg

Okay Cooks & Soldiers. You have been on my list since you opened, and I have to say you did not live up to my Spanish Tapa dreams. Galentines day (yes, per usual I am a month behind) is the best occasion for sharing tapas besides every single Friday night, but I think we will be taking our business back to Barcelona next time. No shocker there.




  • They have this huge ice block behind the bar that they cut up to make cool ice cubes for their cocktails. Trying to appreciate the little things here.
  • You know when you have 5 people at the table and the appetizer comes with two pieces that you awkwardly try to divide evenly? The worst. Our waitress was awesome about giving us extra pieces so we could share.
  • The fact that they still had a last-minute reservation for all my favorite people on Vday was key. Maybe that should have been a sign…
  • They have all these yummy toasts with cheese and stuff on them. The mushroom and goat cheese toast was my favorite of the evening!



  • We left hungry. I don’t think I hate anything more than spending all the money on dinner and then feeling like I need a pizza.
  • Pretty overpriced. The plates are really small for how much they cost. The tiny pieces of lamb below were $16 doll hairs. Woof.
  • Besides the toast (which I could probably recreate on a good day), there was nothing we tried that blew me away.
  • Our waitress upsold EVERYTHING. From the gin to telling us we needed to get two of each tapa we ordered.  I am pretty easily sold on good food, but when it is really obvious they just want your bill to be higher, not cool.



Why you would ever go here when Barcelona is a block away is besides me. Just don’t do it. Unless you like to like to spend a lot of money on one piece of broccolini. You probably are not friends with me or reading this blog if that is how you roll though.

On to the next one,



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