Varuni Napoli


Varuni Napoli has been flying under my radar of good pizza restaurants in Atlanta, but it stole my heart last night. Not sure if it was the yummy pizza or the patio table and perfect weather (or the wine), but I was a happy camper. Varuni Napoli is the same concept as Antico/Ammazza – the classic Neapolitan pizza. They all have a little different twist though. Also, they plan to open a stall at Krog!

PSA – I will be making lot’s of comparisons to Ammazza because it is my #1 pizza love.



  • Pizza is really solid. The black truffle pizza with caramelized onions and mushrooms was on point.
  • Secret back patio that feels like you are on a little veranda in Italy…or maybe the wine had something to do with it.
  • The pizza’s are a decent size. I always struggle with trendy pizza joints because my idea of a personal pan pizza is probably a size most people would share. Ammazza is really cutting it close for me, but this pizza is sharable for sure.
  • The service is so quick. Your pizza is in front of you as soon as you sit down. It is magical.
  • We had ten people on a Saturday night and there were plenty of table. I usually take this as a bad sign, but I promise the crowd was not indicative of the food.
  • Affordable if you are just trying to split some pizza and wine! They have $25 bottles of wine…I had the same bottle at No. 246 for $15 more.
  • Walking distance to a couple good bars in that area (Hob Nob and Smiths) if you are trying to continue your wine buzz.
  • My friends were pumped because they have Spritz which is a popular cocktail in Italy. Pretty good.



  • The pizza’s are all about $20 and there is no size variety. If you actually are starving you unfortunately cannot go up in pizza size.
  • The inside vibe is definitely not as fabulous as the outside vibe. The pizza really is good, but the patio is what makes the experience. I think the inside Ammazza vibe is better.


So go to Varuni Napoli, sit on the patio and order a bottle of wine and a pizza. Your evening will be perfect I promise. Ammazza still has my loyalty, but Varuni Napoli is officially in the rotation.

On to the next one,




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