Joy Cafe



And I’m back again (hopefully not falling off the planet anymore). Brunch seemed like the logical thing to start back blogging with. Joy Café has officially arrived in Midtown! As much as I love Joy, it has made controlling my 3:00 PM sweet tooth a real struggle. Living/working next door to this spot is a blessing and a curse, but mainly a blessing. Joy Café stole my heart when it was in Buckhead, but I think the Midtown spot is even better. No bias I swear, but it is way more open and spacious with the same good food.



  • MIMOSA FLIGHTS. They have nine different kinds of mimosas. Nine. And you should try them all.
  • The coffee is on point, especially the cold brew. No cream or sugar needed.
  • My addiction to avocado toast (ugh, I know that was basic) is at an all time high. So I mean it when I say Joy’s avocado toast may be one of the best. You just cannot beat a perfectly poached egg on top of homemade sourdough bread.
  • Joy and her husband are always running around the restaurant making sure everyone is enjoying their food. Their staff is always super sweet too.
  • They make their own bagels (sesame bagel FTW),  pastries, pop tarts, bread, cake, cookies, all of it. Aka perfect for that 3:00 slump or when you are in desperate need of some carbs.
  • They are not stingy on the amount of food (TG). Their home fries and biscuits can even cure you after a night of Koo Koo Room. Well maybe that and a nap.
  • Their tomato basil soup is a dream. Pair that with their avocado grill cheese oh man.
  • If you work in Midtown, they have a great lunch menu and are really quick if you are just trying to take something to go.


  • This is not a complete con, but at the old location you got a complimentary basket of baked goodies when you sat down. They still have a basket of treats, but you have to pay a whole $4 for them. But it’s $4 for a lot of treats so again here I am turning a con into a pro.
  • They are reallllyyy slow to get started. There is no signage outside, their menu is not online, and their patio is still the same as the least trendy restaurant that was there beforehand.


I also hear rumors they are going to do dinner eventually?? I cannot wait for that day. Joy Café is your classic trendy southern brunch spot, but  I love that it also feels like a mom and pop restaurant. Long story short, go to Joy Café. I love supporting this spot and I am always a happy (and full) camper when I leave.

On to the next one,




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