Cactus House

Bad Egg

I have been long awaiting to arrival of Cactus House in Midtown. Trendy taco spot in walking distance from my house?? Yes, please. Until I realized it was just a shitty bartaco. I know some of you are not even Bar Taco fans (unlike myself) so if that is you, then you are really not going to like Cactus House. I thought about giving them another chance before writing this, but I have too many feels about my experience to wait so here it is –



  • Patio is cute?
  • Cheaper than bartaco for sure. Margarita pitchers are $25 versus a cool $48 at Bar T.
  • Sorry I keep comparing everything to Bar T but it is LITERALLY so similar. The tacos are a decent size. More like Taqueria del Sol size.




Cons (brace yourself for the vent sesh):

  • The patio furniture it the EXACT same as bartaco’s but green instead of navy. It is like someone was like, “Let’s make our restaurant just like that one, but not as cool and not as good.” The tin trays are the same and the plantains are the same and even the guacamole bowl. It was uncanny.
  • All the food instagrammers more popular than myself were posting all these gorgeous photos of guacamole so when we got our’s we were very disappointed. But our server legit told us “that was for the photo shoot.” Woof. You just don’t say that.
  • The service was meh. It was their first week so part of me was like maybe I should cut them a break? But really they should have been going above and beyond in their first week! My tacos were given to another table and then the new ones came out 10 minutes after my friends’ tacos. No one said anything to me or apologized.
  • The guac was whatever, but came out in the world’s tiniest bowl. We mentioned it to the owner who told us she would bring us more guac and then we never got the guac…you can’t just break my guacamole dreams like that.
  • Oh and most importantly the tacos – they looked a lot prettier than they tasted. Nothing wowed me.


So sorry to crush your Midtown taco dreams. I really do hope they can turn it around! I might go back for a patio drink (for convenience mostly), but I will stick to bar-t, Superica, Taqueria, T&T and every other taco place in Atlanta for now.

On to the next one,




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